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At SA Family Help and Hope we understand that no one wants strangers in their home; you want someone who’s like family to provide the care and companionship that your loved one needs.

Our Care Companions are skilled, qualified care providers who understand how to help you and your

loved one. They are sensitive and caring individuals who help your loved one the way a family member helps you: with dignity, respect, sensitivity and gentleness.

When we look for Care Companions we look for character first and then skills and experience. A Care Companion with a sensitive and caring heart is what you need most in a person working with your loved one. You can’t “learn” to have a heart; we find for many Care Companions it’s life’s calling.

Our Process

Each Care Companion goes through a thorough process before they come to your home.

    1. A Personal application - which looks at their qualifications and experience.
    2. Personal References - which look at their character, performance and tells us what others say about their reputation on the job, work ethic and job performance.
    3. Background Check - we use the Department of Public Safety’s database to ensure that they are upstanding citizens.
    4. Personal Interview -we interview each person thoroughly to determine if they can contribute to our mission, services and meet the needs of your loved one. We are searching for people who have the ability to build healthy relationships.

Our Services

Our Services

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