3 Steps to Getting Started Today

1Read through Our Services: Start by putting together a list of services that would beneift your loved one or maybe even you! Formulate in your mind what a perfect day would like and the types of services and activities that would bring balance, help and peace to you and your loved one's life. Prioritize that list and have it ready for when we visit.


2Determine Your Budget: Everyone is on a budget - it's a reality of life. So, sit down and determine how many hours you need from our Care Companion to help your loved one during a day.  Take that number and multiply it by how many days a week you're going to need the help. Take that total hours you have an multiply by $14/hour (the cost of our service).  This final number represents the weekly cost for Home Care Giving.  Is that a doable number for your budget?  If not, you could either reduce the daily hours or the number of days you get help.  Work with that to come up with a cost that you can manage. Even if you don't think it's possible, call us anyway.  This isn't just a business for us, we beleive that people really matter and if there is a way, we'll try to find it.


3Schedule a Home Visit: Call us today and set up your in home visit.  The visit is absolutely free.  We'll sit down with you and your loved one and take a look at the situation, your options and put together a unique Care Plan.  It will be "made to order" for you so that it will give you comfort and peace of mind.  You are the boss and in charge of every aspect of the care and services that our Care Companion provides.



Once you have some of your ideas together and a basic budget call us to get started -------->

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Our Services are top notch and our prices rock bottom.
We know that home care is expensive. We've made it affordable for you. At just $18 per hour ...

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